🧘 Deep Sleep Hypnosis and Guided Meditation 💤 Fall Asleep Fast | Dark Screen – 8D Immersive Audio

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I would like to invite you to listen to this deep sleep guided meditation and sleep hypnosis experience, to encourage physical and emotional healing

It has been created with relaxing suggestions for self healing focus and holistic well being and at the same time helping you to drift off into a blissful night's sleep.

This deep sleep self hypnosis and guided meditation session contains metaphors, stories, visualisations and other positive suggestions and language patters to help you to have a better night's sleep and at the same time to help increase your natural healthy energy and inner healing abilities.

All of this is spoken with a relaxing and calming voice, accompanied with a tranquil soundscape of soothing background sleep meditation music to promote your most amazing and healing sleep.

With repeated listening this session can help to condition you to better nights sleep and to reinforce your positive health intentions.

The experience is designed to be listened to before bedtime on a regular basis and as many times as you wish.

This session uses a dark screen / black screen background so that you will not be disturbed.

I wish you all my very best and I hope you enjoy your meditation/hypnosis experience 🙂

Who is Mark Bowden?

My name is Mark Bowden and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am a best selling author and I've partnered with British Airways to produce the first inflight hypnotherapy channel.

My main personal work is now with professional athletes to help them perform to their very best. However, I still have a passion for producing these audio sessions to help improve peoples lives.

Being able to relax an unwind from your day and then to have a great night sleep are essential ingredients for a long and happy life and i want this to be available to everyone through my channel.


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All images and video contained are used in strict compliance with the appropriate permissions and licenses required from and , Backing music/audio is also used in strict compliance with the appropriate permissions and licenses by Enlightened

Audio in accordance with the YouTube Partner Program, Community guidelines & YouTube terms of service.

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This channel uses positive voice suggestions, meditation music. It also utilises techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, trance work, guided relaxation, NLP, cognitive behavioural psychology, mindfulness meditation, and ASMR.

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    1. All I got was mono. I did fall asleep at some point, but woke up 40 mins in & woke up skeert by the creepy voice. Lmao

    2. @Jacquelynn Neuberger Is that just your opinion or is it based on actual science?🤔

    3. It doesn’t Nicole. However if you search my channel for Binaural beats you will find some of my newer sessions do use this. Sleep well 🙂

    1. You are most welcome and thank you for you comment. Sleep well 🙂

    1. Great to hear Jean. Thank you for your comment and kind words 🙂

  1. Very beneficial and relaxing. Mark you are my go to source to getting to and staying asleep each evening. Thank you sir.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I’m very honoured 🙂 Sleep well!

  2. Personally I think it’s good to start with some talking but when the person still talking after 20 or 30 minutes how is that supposed to let you sleep

    1. Thank you for your feedback Simon. I am always, looking to improve my sessions

  3. Do you do any that help people with there ill health so they can listen through the day or night I am really not well and I struggle to make though the day I panic and live in fear. I just need something to help my through the day or night but thank you for all the hard work and love you put in to your videos may god be with you ❤️ 🙏

    1. Thank you Lewis. I appreciate your suggestions and they will help me to shape future session. I wish you well and highly recommend speaking with a professional, such as your doctor. I wish you all the very best

  4. I go to sleep every night with my headphones on ….thank you and mic drop

  5. How is one to sleep while you talk ALL during the 8-hour session?

    Only calming, restful music should be played after your introduction and especially after your FIRST count-down (from 25 to zero) after 22 minutes.

    1. Hi Gary, thank you again for your feedback on another one of my sessions. I think you might find other channels more to your taste. I wish you all the very best in finding what you are looking for.

    2. @Sleep Deeper: Live Better by Mark Bowden Your “channel doesn’t feature any other channels”

    3. @Sleep Deeper: Live Better by Mark Bowden Your previous reply said “I think you might find other channels more to your taste” but you don’t have any other channels.

    4. @Gary Wray Yes, I mean other channels from other people

    1. Thats great to hear Cindy. I’m glad to be of assistance 🙂

  6. I listened to you last night. I woke up this morning feeling great. Thank you. 😘

  7. Your the best i slept like a baby under a rock its so comforting from now on i will not be abel to sleep if im not lustining to you

  8. Hi im not feeling the greatest and can’t sleep it is 12:04 A.M. and I just want to sleep let’s hope this will work will update when I wake up if I go to sleep

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