πŸ’€ POWERFUL Sleep Hypnosis with Surround Sound 8D Audio to Immerse You Deeply 🧘

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I would like to invite you to listen to this deep sleep guided meditation and sleep hypnosis experience, to release any anxiety that you are experiencing and encourage a great night's sleep.

This is the 8D Immersive Audio version of this session.

It has been created with relaxing suggestions to help you deal better with anxiety in general and at the same time helping you to drift off into a blissful night's sleep.

This deep sleep self hypnosis and guided meditation session contains metaphors, stories, visualisations and other positive suggestions and language patters to help you to have a better night's sleep and at the same time to help increase your natural ability to deal brilliantly with anxiety and anxious thoughts.

All of this is spoken with a relaxing and calming voice, accompanied with a tranquil soundscape of soothing background sleep meditation music to promote your most amazing and healing sleep.

With repeated listening this session can help to condition you to better nights sleep and to reinforce your positive intentions to release anxiety.

The experience is designed to be listened to before bedtime on a regular basis and as many times as you wish.

This session uses a dark screen / black screen background so that you will not be disturbed.

I wish you all my very best and I hope you enjoy your meditation/hypnosis experience πŸ™‚

Who is Mark Bowden?

My name is Mark Bowden and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am a best selling author and I've partnered with British Airways to produce the first inflight hypnotherapy channel.

My main personal work is now with professional athletes to help them perform to their very best. However, I still have a passion for producing these audio sessions to help improve peoples lives.

Being able to relax an unwind from your day and then to have a great night sleep are essential ingredients for a long and happy life and i want this to be available to everyone through my channel.


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All images and video contained are used in strict compliance with the appropriate permissions and licenses required from and , Backing music/audio is also used in strict compliance with the appropriate permissions and licenses by Enlightened

Audio in accordance with the YouTube Partner Program, Community guidelines & YouTube terms of service.

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This channel uses positive voice suggestions, meditation music. It also utilises techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, trance work, guided relaxation, NLP, cognitive behavioural psychology, mindfulness meditation, and ASMR.

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    1. Thanks Michele, I appreciate your comment and support.

  1. Ready to be calm and sleep thanks for the upload love your videos πŸ’―πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜΄

    1. Thank you for your very kind words Nicole. I hope you are continuing to sleep well πŸ™‚

  2. New here and excited to hear your voice hopefully take me to the land of sleep because I’ve lost my way and so tired of the endless ticking of the clock.

    1. All the best with it Vancy. Make it a regular part of your nightly routine and I’m sure you will see more and more benefits

  3. Thank you, Mark! This is great audio. Consistent volume and pace of speech – more people need to find this!
    First night I have used this and it was very effective.
    This creator actually speaks for the whole time – unlike some other channels where the video is 3 or more hours – but the hypnosis audio track is only 30 minutes!
    That doesn’t help if, like me, you do wake up during the night, even with the video on loop.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support Michelle. It is hugely appreciated πŸ™‚

  4. Used this to sleep the past few weeks it’s helped me get back on a normal sleep schedule. This is an amazing session thank you ❀ I’ve tried so many sleep videos and so much sleep music. So far this is the only one that has truly worked for me I’m very glad I found it in my recommendations ❀ Once I just relax and allow my mind to stop wandering and just listen to your words before I know it I’m waking up the next morning feeling refreshed

  5. thank god
    i woke up midnight but was able to go back to sleep for the first time while listening to the poweful sleep

    1. Great to hear Gilberto, I’m honoured to be able to help. Sleep well πŸ˜€

  6. Thank you for this all nighter! I often wake and this helps put me straight back to sleep πŸ™‚

    1. Wonderful to hear Athena and you are most welcome πŸ™‚

  7. I’m so thankful that I’ve found your hypnosis channel. I feel like I enter into a tropical oasis of calmness and tranquility 🏝🏞God Bless you🧸

    1. That is wonderful to hear Gerri. Thank you for your kind words. Sleep well πŸ™‚

    1. I’m sorry to hear this Igor. I hope this session is helping you to sleep well as great sleep will help with anxiety and depression. My very best wishes to you.

  8. I’ve done the unwinding properly tonight, now I’m ready to start hopefully inspecting the back of my eyelids thank you so much for the black screen that will help heaps fingers crossed the rest follows
    Michelle x

    1. Hi had to come back and just say I never made it past the 5 minute mark last night and slept right through, only downside is I’m wide awake still now because I had that much sleep undisturbed last night lol can’t win can i ha ha
      Thanks again

    2. Wonderful to hear Chelle! I hope you are continuing to use the session and continuing to sleep well πŸ™‚

  9. You are the best, and I’ve listen to so very many others to sleep. I know listen to yours every single night. I really thought you only had one good one, and then I typed your name in and saw so many more! So I am trying different ones. This is my first night trying this one. I’ll try and keep you posted.

  10. Your video is very powerful! Thanks so much for helping with anxiety and sleep deprivation!

  11. I really like this one. Music helps prevent me from being jolted awake after pauses in your speaking. I think your accent is soothing as well because my 5 years in the England were when I felt happiest and healthiest. There are other sessions I like as well. I LOVE the 8D!!!!! It helps me focus more. I have major depressive disorder, general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and adjustment disorder. After a session of EMDR therapy your videos are exactly what I need to bet calmed and soothed. Thank you so much!

  12. I’m still processing what happened and where I went. I think I had some kind of out of body experience. I’m no stranger to how hypnosis works, I’ve been using it for the past 15 years to treat everything wrong in my brain. I feel like I’ve finally hit the hypnotherapy jackpot! I’m addicted!

  13. Whenver I know I have to wake up at 6:00 am, I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Of course, when I can wake up later, I don’t have any such issues. Last night I listened to one of your videos and fell asleep pretty quickly, but I still woke up after an hour. Will keep trying.

  14. I listened to this last night. I loved the way you talked me down to hypnosis.

  15. I actually typed in hypnosis with surround sound, as they are my favorites. This popped up and is fabulous πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

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